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The Bristol Path
Dead Buildings of Providence

Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology



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A good number of the buildings in downcity Providence were constructed of brick--often wall-to-wall. In recent years, many of these old buildings have been torn down to make room for new construction--bigger, better, and modern (such as Providence Place, and soon, One Ten Luxury Residences). On the other hand, with parking spaces in downtown Providence so hard to come by, many have found it more profitable to tear down the empty buildings and pave over the space to make a parking lot. While the foundations of these old buildings have been filled in and buried under smooth asphalt, often another kind of footprint remains behind on the sides of the neighboring structures, hinting at what used to stand on a site. This project is a short (and very much not exhaustive!) survey of a few of the sites which remain visible, memorials to structures that are no more.

See Dead Building details for more information on how these images were taken and compiled.

1. West of Snow St., facing South towards Westminster St.

2. East of Matthewson St., facing North towards Washington St.

3. Northwest corner of Matthewson and Westminster St., facing West

4. West of Clemence St., facing North towards Westminster St.

5. West of Clemence St., facing South towards Weybosset St.

6. East of Clemence St., facing North towards Westminster St.

7. Southwest corner of Union and Westminster St., facing West towards Clemence St.

8. Eddy St., North of Weybosset St., facing West towards Union St.

9. 35 Richmond St., facing South

10. 76 Westminster St., between The Arcade and the Turk's Head Building

Adam J. Bravo