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Critical Responses are graded out of 5 points. Points are awarded for 5 criteria:


Week 4 - Ceramics Question (500 words)

Please respond to the following question, (properly) citing examples from at total of 3 readings drawn from the Week 3 and 4 assignments. (Citation format can be MLA style, footnotes, or something comparable - just be consistent throughout):

In studying ceramics archaeologists have, to varying degrees, integrated material properties, techniques of production, and other social influences into their research. In particular, what what types of questions have been posed and what type of data, analyses, and other information have been used in addressing them? Critically evaluate 3 examples from the readings in terms of how successfully (or not), in your opinion, these studies have incorporated material and social dimensions into their archaeological research agendas.

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Week 6 - Metals Question (500 words)

As we saw in "The Last Ironmaster" movie and in the Gordon and Killick (1993) article, ritual and technology can be inextricable parts of the metal production process in some cultures. Select two other metallurgy articles from the past two weeks' readings and assess how / if the authors address the complex social and material relationships involved in metal production, and suggest ways in which they might be articulated in greater detail.

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Week of April 11 - Production Processes Question (700 words)

Based on examples from the past two weeks' readings, do you think production is best studied in relation to individual crafts or across multiple crafts? What kinds of evidence and questions can archaeologists examine from cross-craft comparisons, and how do these differ from studies of single industries?

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