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ARCH 2710 The Archaeology of Nubia and Egypt

Ancient Nubia, when it is studied at all, is often treated as Egypt's poor cousin. While Egypt undoubtedly had a large influence on several of the cultures of Nubia, this myopia seriously underestimates the value to be gained in approaching Nubia on its own terms. With a cultural and ecological history quite distinct from its northern neighbor, Nubia affords a fresh chance to look at topics as widely divergent as the relationship between ceramics and food production in the development of the Neolithic, to the construction of personal and group identity in a religiously diverse society on the far edge of Mediterranean empires. In this class we will study Nubian archaeology over more than 7000 years. Moving chronologically, we will approach selected topics through original excavation reports, secondary analyses, and theoretical viewpoints.

Monday 3-5:20
Rhode Island Hall 008
Laurel Bestock: Rhode Island Hall 209, Office Hours Tuesday 10-noon


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