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Week 2: Feb. 6

Document IconHaalandReview.pdf

Document IconBestock response paper 5 Feb.docx

Document IconMacGaffey.doc

Document IconMarshall-Response Paper I.docx

Document IconWengrow response paper.doc

Document IconSandiford_Adams.docx

Week 3: Feb. 13

Document IconBestock Smith response week 3.docx

Document IconJTro.Williams QustulCemL Response.docx

Document IconAdams and Williams.doc

Document IconSandiford_O’Connor.pdf

Document IconRampersad-Response Paper II.docx

Week 4: Feb. 27

Document IconKahl-Response Paper III.docx

Document IconSeidlmayer Response.doc

Document IconBard response paper.doc

Document IconBestock week 5 response.docx

Document IconSandiford_Review of Köhler.docx

Week 5: March 5

Document IconHafsaas-Tsakos Bestock.docx

Document IconBell.EasternDesertUpEgRoutes&Inscriptions. wk5Response.docx

Document IconMcIntosh response Kathryn.doc

Document IconFischer-Response Paper IV.docx

Document IconSandiford_Black Pharaohs.docx

Week 6: March 12

Document IconJTro. Reading Response. Bourriau. RelationsBetween AND NubiansinEgypt.docx

Document IconWegner Areika Week 6.docx

Document IconResponse Smith KHowley.doc

Document IconTrigger - Week 6

Week 7: March 19

Document IconBuzon Response Paper.docx

Document IconJTro. Response Bonnet.docx

Document IconBestock Week 7.docx

Document IconO'Connor Response Kathryn.doc

Document IconSandiford_Trigger.pdf

Posted at Apr 08/2012 02:40PM:
Week 8: 09 April

Document IconJTro. Török 1999 response.docx

Document IconFattovich notes.doc

Document IconSandiford_Morkot, Torok, Kendel.pdf

Document IconRedford Response Paper.docx

Posted at Apr 15/2012 01:03PM:

Document IconJTroche.ResponseAdams1964.pdf

Document IconHeidorn - Horses.doc

Document IconHeidorn response LDB.docx

Document IconWelsby Summary.doc

Document IconSandiford_Trigger_AHS.docx

Week 10

Document IconSpeidel, Nubia's Roman Garrison.docx

Document IconBlemmyes Letter Response.doc

Document IconUpdegraff summary.doc

Document IconShinnie Response Paper.docx

Posted at Apr 23/2012 12:06PM:
Pete: Hey guys, I thought it might be useful to see some of the context surrounding the murals so I am attaching the excavation report of Building 292.

Document IconGarstang-Building 292.pdf

Posted at Apr 29/2012 09:44PM:

Document IconNUBIA. week 11 reading response.docx

Document IconFuller X Group problem response.doc

Document IconTorok – The End of Meroe.doc

Document IconLenoble Response Paper.docx

Document IconSandiford_on_Haycock.docx