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Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World

Past Courses (by Year)


The Joukowsky Institute has archived past years' course offerings on this website (including websites formerly found on our JIAAW Classroom Wiki). Please click the links below to see recent years' full course listings, including course descriptions, meeting times and often links to the courses' websites and syllabi.

Past courses can also be viewed by instructor or by course title. The alphabetical listing by course title is the fastest way to browse all course websites. The All Courses page provides course descriptions for all ARCH courses offered since 2006, including cross-listed courses, arranged by course number.


JIAAW Course Descriptions By Year:

Listing of ARCH Courses By Semester:

Spring 2017

  • ARCH 0520 Roman Archaeology and Art
  • ARCH 0666 Cult Archaeology: Fantastic Frauds and Meaningful Myths of the Past
  • ARCH 1177 Occupy Archaeology! Interrogating Inequality, Past and Present
  • ARCH 1220 Byzantine Archaeology and Art - Material Stories of a Christian Empire
  • ARCH 1715 Building Big! Supersized Architectural and Engineering Structures From Antiquity
  • ARCH 1775 Animals in Archaeology
  • ARCH 2105 Ceramic Analysis for Archaeology
  • ARCH 2185 Sensing Antiquity: New Approaches to Ancient Aesthetics and Sensoria
  • ARCH 2310 Cities in the Sand: The Archaeology of Urbanism in Mesopotamia
  • ARCH 2852 Skills Training in Material Culture Studies II

Fall 2016

  • ARCH 0030 Art in Antiquity: An Introduction
  • ARCH 0150 Introduction to Egyptian Archaeology and Art
  • ARCH 0160 Buried History, Hidden Wonders: Discovering East Asian Archaeology
  • ARCH 0270 Troy Rocks! Archaeology of an Epic
  • ARCH 0407 Hadrian’s Wall: Archaeological Skills, Methods, and History on the Northern Roman Frontier
  • ARCH 0676 Pirates of the Caribbean: Scalawags, Sailors, and Slaves
  • ARCH 1787 Alcohol in the Ancient World
  • ARCH 1900 The Archaeology of College Hill
  • ARCH 2153 Archaeological Ethnography: A Multi-Temporal Contact Zone
  • ARCH 2240 Key Issues in Mediterranean Prehistory
  • ARCH 2601 Approaching Women and Gender in Roman Culture
  • ARCH 2710 The Archaeology of Nubia and Egypt
  • ARCH 2851 Skills Training in Material Culture Studies I


Spring 2016

  • ARCH 0340 Bad Things: Archaeologies of New World Vices
  • ARCH 0412 From Gilgamesh to Hektor: Heroes of the Bronze Age
  • ARCH 0525 The Other Side of Rome: Daily Life in the Roman Empire
  • ARCH 1105 The Face of Power: Representing Roman Emperors
  • ARCH 1125 Building an Empire: The Sacred and Civic Architecture of Ancient Rome
  • ARCH 1155 Cities, Colonies and Global Networks in the Western Mediterranean
  • ARCH 1175 Archaeology Matters! Past Perspectives on Modern Problems
  • ARCH 1605 Holy Spirits: Ancestor Worship in the Ancient Near East and Beyond
  • ARCH 1625 Temples and Tombs: Egyptian Religion and Culture
  • ARCH 1854 Handmade: An Archaeological Exploration of Materials and Making
  • ARCH 1857 Metals and Engineering Design in the Ancient World
  • ARCH 2250 Island Archaeology in the Mediterranean
  • ARCH 2744 Egyptian Art in New England Museums

Fall 2015

  • ARCH 0100 Field Archaeology in the Ancient World
  • ARCH 0152 Egyptomania: Mystery of the Sphinx and Other Secrets of Ancient Egypt 
  • ARCH 0270 Troy Rocks! Archaeology of an Epic
  • ARCH 0775 Farm to Table: Foodways and Gastro-Politics in the Ancient Near East
  • ARCH 1140 The Death of the Ancient City? Roman Cities After the Fall of Rome 
  • ARCH 1525 Struggle and Domination in the Prehistoric Mediterranean: Sex, Power, God(s)
  • ARCH 1870 Environmental Archaeology
  • ARCH 1900 The Archaeology of College Hill
  • ARCH 2010G Ethical Issues in Archaeology
  • ARCH 2245 Rural Landscapes and Peasant Communities in the Mediterranean
  • ARCH 2425 In Ruins: Traces of the Past in the Present


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