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Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology



Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & the Ancient World
Brown University
Box 1837 / 60 George Street
Providence, RI 02912
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Painting of Copan, Honduras by Tom Hall

The archaeological past comes to us through powerful images that guide our thoughts and perceptions. Some of these images are photographs or videos, others include drawings, computer visualizations, and movies. They present a view of the past that condenses many different ideas and perspectives. If the past "comes alive," it is through such images. But the results can also be controversial and incomplete.

Gathering a distinguished group of scholars from around the world, and from Brown itself, this conference explores the ways in which the archaeological past arrives on our doorstep. All periods, all areas interest our speakers, who will convene this coming weekend at Brown to explore "Re-Presenting the Past." David Maccaulay, celebrated for his stunning books on ancient building, along with The New Way Things Work and Mosque, will open the conference with a keynote talk on "Toying with History."

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