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Bibliography Discussion

Since we are working on very similar topics, if you have checked a book out of the Rock, please post which books you have so that should another student need to use it, you can get in contact with one another.

Thanks, Chris

Posted at Apr 17/2011 12:28PM:
kdesimone: I have New Perspectives on the Ancient World (ed. Funari, Garraffoni, Letalien) and Sexuality in Ancient Art (ed. Kampen) so if anyone wants to use either of these feel free to email me.

Posted at Apr 19/2011 08:02PM:
nvitrano: If someone in this class has "Roman art in the private sphere : new perspectives on the architecture and decor of the domus, villa" checked out of the Rock, would you let me know when you are done with it? Thank you so much, just email me

Posted at Apr 20/2011 06:47PM:
cwelling: If anyone has "Art in the lives of Ordinary Romans" By John R. Clarke, I would really appreciate it if I could use it when you are done!

Posted at Apr 20/2011 06:47PM:
cwelling: My email address is

Posted at Apr 21/2011 10:36AM:
caroline hoffman:

hey if someone in the calss has "Claudia II: Women in Roman Art and Society" would they let me know when they are done with it? It is from the Rock as well. Thanks so much - my email is

Posted at Apr 21/2011 01:19PM:
jmiranda: I have "The Building of the Roman Aqueducts," "Roman Aqueducts and Water Supply" and "The Aqueducts of Ancient Rome." If anyone wants to use any of these, feel free to email me. My email is

Posted at Apr 22/2011 08:15PM:
Milardi: If anyone has a copy of "Art and Images in the Age of Augustus" by Paul Zanker and is done with it could they let me know? My email is Thanks!

Posted at Apr 22/2011 08:17PM:
milardi: sorry for the above I meant "The Power of Images in the Age of Augustus"

Posted at Apr 25/2011 08:29PM:
rdwarner: Does anyone have The houses of Roman Italy, 100 B.C.-A.D. 250 : ritual, space, and decoration / John R. Clarke? If so could you shoot me an email at Thanks

Posted at Apr 26/2011 01:27PM:
aehinds: Does anyone have books on the Roman aqueducts besides Jeanette? Thanks!