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Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology



Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & the Ancient World
Brown University
Box 1837 / 60 George Street
Providence, RI 02912
Telephone: (401) 863-3188
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Instructor: Krysta Ryzewski, Thursdays 4-6:20pm

This graduate seminar is an intensive focus on theoretical approaches to technology and production that have shaped archaeological thought over the past century and form the basis of many of the contemporary issues in the field. Students will read and critically assess major works in anthropology and archaeology that involve concepts of production and technology in various cross-cultural and theoretical contexts (with a primary focus on craft objects and their production processes). Themes include political economy, skill, technology transfer, cross-craft industries, power dynamics, espionage, and tool use. Discussions will evaluate how ideas about industry, specialization, production spaces, innovation, labor, and agency are employed in this body of theory and accompanying practice.

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