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Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology



Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & the Ancient World
Brown University
Box 1837 / 60 George Street
Providence, RI 02912
Telephone: (401) 863-3188
Fax: (401) 863-9423

Select 5 weeks and please write your name under it and what number paper it will be for you. Select 3 weeks to lead discussion along with your classmates.

Week 2 – Greatest Hits
paper-writers a. Tim b. Jessica c.
discussion leader(s) d. e.

Week 3 – Tech. Change
paper-writers a. Katherine b. Jessica c. Elise
discussion leader(s) d. Jessica e. Elise f. Kate B.

Week 4 – Socio-Politics
paper-writers a. Jessica b. Tim c. Matthew d. Kate B.
discussion leader(s) d. Jessica e. Tim

Week 5 – Spaces of Production
paper-writers a. Matthew b. Clive c. Elise d. Kate B.
discussion leader(s) d. Katherine e. Matthew

Week 6 – Social Turn
paper-writers a. Elise b. Katherine c. Jessica
discussion leader(s) d. Clive e. Elise

Week 7 – Experience, etc.
paper-writers a. Clive b. Katherine c. Matthew
discussion leader(s) d. Matthew e. Tim

Week 8 - class canceled

Week 9 – Skill and Specialization
paper-writers a. Jessica b. Clive c. Elise
discussion leader(s) d. Clive e. Jessica

Week 10 – Standpoints from STS, Thing Theory, etc.
paper-writers a. Elise b. Tim c. Kate B.
discussion leader(s) d. Elise e. Kate B.

Week 11 – Craftspeople and Laborers
paper-writers a. Katherine b. Kate B.
discussion leader(s) d. Katherine e. Clive

Week 12 – Multi-craft and Industrial Ecology
paper-writers a. Katherine b. Tim c. Clive
discussion leader(s) d. Katherine e. Matthew

Week 13 – Invention and Innovation
paper-writers a. Tim b. Clive c. Katherine d. Kate B.
discussion leader(s) d. Tim e. Kate B.


Week 2:


Document IconAn_Ethnologist.docx

Document IconNowlin_Week2 Paper.pdf

Week 3:

Document IconNowlin_Week 3 Paper.pdf

Document IconHarrington Response 1.pdf

Week 4:

Document IconKate Blankenship response.docx

Document IconNowlin_Week 4 Paper.pdf

Week 5:

Document IconBlankenship week 5 paper.docx

Document IconWeek 5 Clive Vella Paper.docx

Week 6:

Document IconNowlin Paper.pdf

Week 7: 

Document IconWeek 7 Clive Vella.pdf

Week 8:

Document IconWeek 8 C Vella paper.pdf

Week 9 :

Document IconSandiford_Week_10.docx

Document Iconblankenship week 11 response.docx

Document IconNowlin Week 10 Paper.pdf

Week 11:

Document IconBlankenship week 12 response.docx

Document IconHarrington Response 3.docx

Week 12:

Document IconClive Vella Week 12 Paper.pdf

Document IconSandiford_IE.docx

Document IconHarrington 4.docx

Week 13:

Document IconBlankenship response.docx

Document IconClive Vella Week 13 paper.pdf

Document IconThe Shock of the New.docx

Document IconHarrington Response 5.doc