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Institute of Contemporary Art

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The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum

The Museum of Toilets

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The Mill City Museum

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

Posted at Sep 28/2009 06:27PM:
mo: Check out the great link that Meghan sent regarding the latest hoard discovery in the UK

Posted at Oct 07/2009 10:16AM:
mo: New link on the Afghan Museum in Kabul

Posted at Oct 07/2009 10:20AM:
mo: Interesting blog sent by Maddie on antiquities collecting:

Posted at Oct 07/2009 10:22AM:
mo: Staycation in the Museum World, thanks to Meghan

Posted at Oct 07/2009 11:58AM:
mo: An interesting review of the architectural plans for the new Barnes Foundation

Posted at Oct 11/2009 11:35AM:
mo: The piece from the Onion on people touching paintings

Posted at Oct 11/2009 06:13PM:
mo: The Louvre response to the Egyptian statement that they wouldn't play with them anymore:

Posted at Oct 13/2009 09:18AM:
mo: Interesting NY Times Op-Ed piece on looting

Posted at Oct 14/2009 08:31AM:
mo: A piece on Museum spending,0,2267420.story

Posted at Oct 18/2009 04:43PM:
mo: Berlin Museum and the bust

Posted at Oct 27/2009 07:36AM:
mo: Yale Museums in the news

Posted at Oct 28/2009 08:30AM:
mo: More on the MET and Egypt

Posted at Nov 05/2009 08:48AM:
mo: 3D models of cultural sites in Scotland

Posted at Nov 11/2009 01:24PM:
mo: There is an interesting article in the NYTimes today about an upcoming exhibition of a private collection at the New Museum, curated by Jeff Koons. The comments section is particularly relevant to our class discussions

Posted at Nov 11/2009 01:27PM:
mo: The quest to regain Egypt's antiquities

Posted at Dec 17/2009 07:48AM:
mo: Chinese Team Searches Museums for Art Treasures

Posted at Dec 17/2009 07:49AM:
mo: University of Chicago library Byzantine Gospel proves to be fake‏

Posted at Dec 17/2009 07:50AM:
mo: Thomas Hoving, The Hot Pot author and former MET director passed away last week

Posted at Dec 17/2009 08:08AM:
mo: The next hot topic: Fakes in Museums - two shows at the V & A and the Rom