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Friday, April 4
MacMillan Hall, 167 Thayer Street, Room 115

6:00 pm  Keynote Presentation
The Legacy of Ancient Paths: Roads and the Globalization of the Roman World
Bruce Hitchner (Tufts University)

Saturday, April 5
MacMillan Hall, 167 Thayer Street, Room 115

9:00 am: Beyond the Mediterranean
1.   From the Indus Countries to the Mediterranean: Administration and Logistics on the High Roads of the Achaemenid Empire
Pierre Briant (Collège de France, Paris)
2.   Trans-Saharan Trade in African History and Historiography
Pekka Masonen (University of Tampere, Finland)

11:00 am: Imperial Networks
3.   Linking the Realm: the Gokaido Highway Network in Early Modern Japan (1603-1868)
Constantine Vaporis (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
4.   Roads in Late Antiquity: Graph-theoretic Techniques for Quantitative Comparative History
Michael Maas and Derek Ruths (Rice University)

12:30 pm:    Lunch

2:30 pm: Private and Public
5.   Privatising the Network: Private Contributions towards Infrastructure Maintenance in China from the Tenth Century
Nanny Kim (Heidelberg University, Germany)
6.   Jews and News: the Interaction of Private and Official Communication-networks in Jewish History
Adam Silverstein (University of Oxford, U.K.)

4:30 pm: Imperial Comparisons
7.   On Inca and Roman Roads
Catherine Julien (Western Michigan University)
8.   Roads Not Featured: a Roman Failure to Communicate?
Richard Talbert (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Sunday, April 6
MacMillan Hall, 167 Thayer Street, Room 115

9:00 am: Memory and Pathways
9.   The Well-remembered Path: Roadways and Cultural Memory in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt
Jennifer Gates-Foster (University of Texas, Austin)
10.  Road Deities and Road Cults in the Early Empires in China
Michael Nylan (University of California, Berkeley)
11. Obliterated Itineraries: Moving Through the Pueblo Landscape
James Snead (George Mason University)

11:30 am: Round Table Discussion
Sue Alcock, John Bodel, and Richard Talbert, presiding