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Random thoughts - "Desecration as ritual killing" - sacralization/desecration only distinguishable from the vantage of a positioned view - in situations of contested visions or on opposites sides of power desecration and sacralization might be different readings of the same act - what if, in addition, desecration itself is at once sacrilization - the very force lent to a ritual act coming from its violence, its reversal of "what matters" to the enemy other? The razing of a mosque to build a temple, defacing monuments, sacred trophies of war, captive sacrifice, sacred spolia? - R


Just found this Blood Sacrifice and the Nation

About your last sentence Rod, there is an interesting case from India, much discussed in academic literature: the destruction of Babur Mosque in Ayodhya by Hindu nationalists, and the occasional violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims at the very site, now a "ruin". Excellent example of the (re)making of a place through mass violence.


New book- there might be a few interesting things to read on religion and violence

Another one:


Posted at Oct 14/2008 10:05AM:
r: Thanks for the Ayodhya references, I'll have to get them. The Wellman book looks like something I should pick up as well.