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Brown University's Great Temple Excavation at Petra, Jordan (Use controls to zoom and move image. Larger view)

The Joukowsky Institute and the GigaPan Project

In May 2008, the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University invited the Joukowsky Institute to participate in a beta testing project for a a robotic camera mount called the GigaPan. GigaPan, developed by CMU in partnership with scientists at NASA's Ames Research Center, is used with standard digital cameras, but esnables the user to take billion-pixel panoramic images.

The CREATE Lab selected 25 researchers and scientists to receive the GigaPan equipment and to attend a training workshop, so that this pilot group could experiment with new ways to use the tools. The Lab's mission in creating and distributing GigaPan is to "help bring distant communities and peoples together through images that have so much detail that they are, themselves, the objects of exploration, discovery and wonder. We believe that enabling people to explore, experience, and share each other's worlds can be a transforming experience."

Faculty and staff of the Institute have used the GigaPan to take photos in Colorado, Jordan, and Greece, as well as on the Brown campus (including construction photos of Rhode Island Hall!). We are continuing to train colleagues to use the equipment, so that others can use it in their own research.

The growing collection of Institute GigaPans can be viewed on the GigaPan website.

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