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Graduate Program

Graduate study of the archaeology and art of the ancient Mediterranean, Egypt, and the Near East is in a period of rapid innovation and expansion at Brown University.

The Joukowsky Institute’s Ph.D. program in Archaeology and the Ancient World combines a flexible interdisciplinary atmosphere with a curricular structure that prepares students for professional careers in teaching, museum studies, or other relevant occupations. Students receive a broad overview of the archaeology and art of this complex region, allowing them to develop particular research interests revolving around one or more of its ancient cultures.

The course of study leading to a Ph.D. in Archaeology and the Ancient World requires students to explore and master a wide range of knowledge and of skills. The program is designed to provide graduates with an effective foundation in the archaeology, art, and history of the circum-Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds, as well as with necessary training in ancient and modern languages and in computing and other practical skills, while constantly encouraging the development of independent and original topics for dissertation research.

A combination of course work and examinations characterize the first three years of the program, followed by two to three years of doctoral research. Graduate students are based in the Joukowsky Institute, where they are provided with both research and social space, computer facilities, and library resources.

For details on the Ph.D. requirements, visit Graduate Program Requirements.