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R. Ross Holloway

Elisha Benjamin Andrews Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus of Central Mediterranean Archaeology and Classics


The Roxbury Latin School, 1952
A.B., summa cum laude, Amherst College, 1956
M.A, University of Pennsylvania, 1957
M.A. and Ph.D., Princeton Unversity, 1960

Research Interests

Ancient Numismatics, Ancient Art, Bronze Age Italy, City of Rome.

Professional Recognition

Gold Medal of the Archaeological Institute of America, LHD honoris causa (Amherst College), Doctor Philosophiae et Litterarum honoris causa (Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium), Corresponding Member of the German Archaeological Institute, Honorary Member of the Royal Belgian Numismatic Society, Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society (London), Fellow of the American Academy in Rome, Foreign Member of the Italian Institute of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Studies (Florence), Foreign Member of the National Institute of Italic and Etruscan Studies (Florence).


Satrianum, the Archaeological Investigations Conducted by Brown University in 1966 and 1967, Providence, 1970.

Buccino, The Eneolithic Necropolis of San Antonio and Other Prehistoric Discoveries made by Brown University in 1968 and 1969, Rome, 1973.

Ustica , The Results of the Excavations of the Regione Siciliana, Soprintendenza ai Beni Culturali ed Ambientali, Provincia di Palermo in collaboration with Brown University, with Susan S. Lukesh, Providence and Louvain, vol. 1, 1995, vol. 2, 2000.

The Archaeology of Ancient Sicily, London, 1991.

The Archaeology of Early Rome and Latium, London, 1994.

Constantine and Rome, New Haven and London, 2004.