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Recent Senior Honors Theses

Undergraduate students concentrating in Archaeology and the Ancient World with Honors are required to produce a senior thesis. The following is a list of theses that have been submitted in the recent years:


David Elitzer
Cultural Property, Civilians, and Violence: Attacks by Non-State Actors on Shia and Sunni Arab Mosques and Shrines in Iraq, 2003-2011

Angela Marie Teng
Colonialism and Contact: Continuity and Change in Philippine Ceramic Trade from the 14th through 18th Centuries

Charlotte Francis Tisch
Egyptian Mummies in American Museums: The Ethics of Housing and Displaying Human Remains


Nathan C. Lovejoy
Monumental Memories and Engagements with the Past: The Reception of Anatolian Tumuli from the Archaic Period to the Present

Monica J. Roth
Anabaptists in America: A Multidisciplinary Approach to 18th Century Palatine Mennonite Migration to Pennsylvania

Robert S. Weiner
A Sensory Approach to Exotica, Ritual Practice, and Cosmology at Chaco Canyon


Walker Mills
Monuments, Memory, Myths: A Comparative Study of Coventry Cathedral, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and the A-Bomb Dome

Kellie Roddy
Tumbas de Tiro: West Mexican Shaft Tomb Sculptures from the Brown Haffenreffer Collection

Chase Shaffar-Roggeveen
The Skjoldehamn Burial: An 11th Century, North Norwegian Costume, in Its European Context

Jacob Weber
The Decision to Strike: Quantifying Roman Mint Output and the Case for Roman Monetary Policy


Caitlin Deal
A Work in Progress: Decolonizing Archaeology in the United States of America

Christina DiFabio
Public Fountains and Social Memory in Hellenistic Anatolia

Catherine Teitz
Seen from the Watchtower: Visibility and Viewshed Analysis on the Borders of Attica

Andrew Waters
Rome beyond the Frontier: The Expeditions of Aelius Gallus, Gaius Petronius, and Cornelius Balbus

Marco Ziff
The Mausoleum of Halikarnassos: Origins and Legacy


Laura Leddy
Drawing Archaeology at Labraunda


Allison Barker
Keeper of the Keys: Examining the Stereotypes of Viking Age Women and Burial Keys

Nicholas S. Bartos
The Decline of Maritime Activity at India Point (Providence, Rhode Island): A Study of the India Point Ship and Its Port Context

Valerie E. Bondura
Moments in the Life of the Athenian Tetraconch: A Site Biography AD 2012-267

Ian D. Brownstein
Archaeo-gaming: Making and Keeping It Real through Three-Dimensional Visualization: A Case Study from the Brown University Abydos Project

Hannah E. Sisk
Art Collections vs. Archaeology: The Origin and Consequences of Differences in Ethical Standards Regarding the Acquisition of Looted Antiquities


Danielle Candelora
The Cultural Significance of Color in Ancient Glass

Asia del Bonis-O’Donnell
Landscape, Water, and the Etruscan City: Contextualizing the Cuniculi around Veii

Samuel Holzman
Reappraising Sphinxes

Elise Nuding
Experience Insites: Fragmentation and Place Making in the Providence Urban Landscape

Harrison Stark
The Past Is a Foreign Country -- and It’s Occupied: Reflecting on the ‘Military-Archaeology-Complex’


Caitlin Howitt
Recent Reinstallations of Classical Art in American Museums

Maia Peck
A Comparative Analysis of the Funerary Complexes of Augustus and Qin Shi Huangdi

Whittaker Schroder
Transforming Rhode Island Hall

Cynthia Swain
Dreaming of Eros: A Translation and Commentary of Eustathios Makrembolites' "Hysmine & Hysminias"

Reem Yusuf
Visual Heritage in Palestine: Documentation and Representation of Archaeological Practice


Christopher Jameson Kendall
Transfer of Material Culture and Meaning Between Prepalatial Crete and Egypt from EM IIA - MM IB


Eleanor Alice Power
The Roman-Byzantine Bath Complex at the Petra Great Temple in Jordan