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By recording separate components it is possible to get at the details of what in the end will be a complex audio experience that will largely be ignored as background ambient noise. So the real exercise here is thinking about what those components are and then recording them. The component sounds can then be patched together to get at the total experience. If the complex sound does not seem correct, then the components are not quite right or something is missing. Is something else going on in the pub that I am not noticing?

To create the composite auditory experience of Wickenden Pub, a simple digital audio recorder was used to record distinct sounds. The final composite was created with simple to use audio editing software, Audacity® – an excellent, free, open source, multi-platform program.

Component Sounds:

Ambient Chatter Short.mp3

Bottle Cap Drop Short.mp3

Bottle Open Short.mp3

Bottle Picked Up Short.mp3

Full Glasses Picked Up Short.mp3

Ice in Glass Short.mp3

Music Short.mp3

Pitcher Pour Short.mp3

Scooting Chairs Short.mp3

Sip Short.mp3

Walking Short.mp3

Composite Audio Experience:

Pub Total Clip.mp3