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Online Publications


Archaeology Paper Prize Winners for 2010

Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques and More:
Saudi Arabia’s Treatment of the Past in Relation to Urban Heritage and Concepts of Modernity

by Valerie Bondura

A True Controversy:
The Trial of Marion True and Its Lessons for Curators, Museum Boards and National Governments

by Jacob Combs

Clandestine Curses: Hidden Dangers to Charioteers
by Anya Eber

Interpreting Difference through Different Interpretations:
Ethnohistories at Plimoth Plantation

by Tyler Rogers

Mother Goddess, Male World, Myriad Social Classes:
The Cult of Cybele’s Impact on Phrygian Culture

by Hannah Sisk

Archaeology Paper Prize Winners for 2009

Wide Awake Mine: A Forgotten Relic of California’s Once-Vital Mercury Mining Industry
by Kate Alexander

The Folly and the Temple:
Nostalgia Practices in the Eighteenth Century English Landscape Garden

by Elise Nuding

Archaeology Paper Prize Winners for 2008

Priestess and King: Representations of Power and Gender in the Akkadian Royal Family
by Megan Boomer

The Effect of Structure and Tonal Quality on the Aulos’s Role in Accompaniment of Ancient Greek Sport
by Vincent Pham

Pillagers and Plunderers:
An Archaeological and Theoretical Approach to Piracy in the Islands of the Mediterranean From the Balearics to Cyprus; and its Suppression from Ramesses to Pompey

by Whit Schroder

Archaeology Paper Prize Winners for 2007

Hammurabi Decoded: Kingship, Legitimacy, and Royal Monuments
by Harry Anastopulos

Function and Meaning in Moche Human Sacrifice:
Advancing Theory and Practice in Archaeology

by Benjamin Bright-Fishbein

Asserting Political Authority in a Sacred Landscape:
A Comparison of Umayyad and Israeli Jerusalem

by Nathan Karp

Dining with Death:
An Analysis of Attic White-ground Lekythoi and Athenian Notions of the Afterlife in Classical Greece

by Maia Sian Peck

Ancient Art

The Hand of Daedalus
by R. Ross Holloway

The Master of Olympia: the Documentary Evidence
by R. Ross Holloway

The Tomba delle Leonesse and the Tomba dei Giocolieri at Tarquinia
by Sonia Amaral Rohter

Italian Pre-History

The Classical Mediterranean, its Prehistoric Past and the Formation of Europe
by R. Ross Holloway

Ustica: Report on the Excavation of the Bronze Age Site of I Faraglioni 1999
by R. Ross Holloway and Susan S. Lukesh

The Muculufa Master and Reconsiderations of Castelluccian Sequences
by Susan S. Lukesh 


The Dating of the Coinage of Alexander the Great
by Zoë Sophia Kontes