Krishna Nand Keshava Murthy
Graduate Student
Office: 233 Richmond Street, Room 203

I am pursuing my PhD studies in the department of computer engineering at Brown University. I am also working at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NYC, as an imaging data scientist. My research interests are in computer vision and machine learning as applied to medical image analysis. Some specific projects I have worked on include treatment prediction modeling, medical image segmentation/registration, image classification, anatomical shape modeling, image generative models, and content based image retrieval.


  • Krishna N. Keshavamurthy, Dmitry Dylov, Elena Petre, Steve Solomon, Jeremy Durack: Spectroscopy and Machine Learning Based Rapid Point-of-Care Assessment of Core Needle Cancer Biopsies (in submission, Nature partner journal digital imaging).
  • Krishna N. Keshavamurthy, Pierre Elnajjar, Amin El-Rowmeim, Hao-Hsin Shih, Ian Pan, Kinh Gian Do, Krishna Juluru: Application of Deep Learning Techniques to Characterization of 3D Radiological Datasets - A Pilot Study for Detection of Intravenous Contrast in Breast MRI. (Proc. SPIE medical imaging 2019).
  • Krishna Juluru, Hao-Hsin Shih, Pierre Elnajjar, Amin El-Rowmeim Josef Fox, Eliot Siegel, Krishna Nand Keshava Murthy, Building Blocks for Integrating Image Analysis Algorithms into a Clinical Workflow, (in submission, Journal of digital imaging).
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