Year Type Details Resource
2020 Code Transparent IR Interfaces Open Source Search Interfaces with Result Explanations
2020 Code Misdiagnosis Patterns Frequency Analysis of PubMed Articles on Misdiagnoses
2019 Code Genome GAN Generative Adversarial Networks for Precision Oncology
2019 Dataset Clinical Cases DC3 - A Diagnostic Case Challenge Collection for Clinical Decision Support
2018 Code Graph Coloring Dynamic Compression Schemes for Graph Coloring
2017 Code Topic Modeling Glint: An Asynchronous Parameter Server
2016 Dataset Topic Models ClueWeb'12 LDA Models
2016 Dataset Social Network User Profiles Cross-Social Network User Profiles
2012 Code Crowdsourcing Game Geann: Gamification for Crowdsourcing Tasks
2011 Code IR Framework PuppyIR: An IR Framework for Children
2011 Dataset Websites PuppyIR Child Friendly Website Corpus
2010 Dataset Youtube Comments PuppyIR Child Friendly Youtube Video Corpus