Two new papers out from the lab in Nature Communications and Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B!

Feb 19, 2018

Two new papers are out from the lab! Lauren’s amazing efforts led to SWIF(r)’s publication in Nature Communications; see news coverage at Brown for more details. This paper represents major progress on the research funded by our R01, furthers our collaboration with Brenna Henn (now at UC Davis) and recognizes contributions from former lab members Annie Fischer ‘17 and Stephen Rong. We are looking forward to seeing SWIF(r) - the sweep inference framework (controlling for correlation) - applied to classify adaptive mutations by our lab and others.

The second paper reviews the history of studies mapping genotypes to heritable phenotypes, by Marc Feldman and Sohini, out in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B as part of a special issue entitle ‘Bridging cultural gaps: interdisciplinary studies in human cultural evolution’. The title of the paper is “Missing compared to what? Revisiting heritability, genes and culture”.

Congratulations to all the authors!