Our first issue of Purple Ink is an exploration of boundaries. By choosing time, we propose a theme that mirrors the very nature and purpose of this magazine: translating poetry and creating a space where different languages and eras converge.

As with time — which the more we try to grasp or measure, the more elusive it becomes — any attempt of translation reveals the inevitable irony of language: the same words that allow us to communicate meaning become unattainable and boundless when transformed into poetry. As time becomes manifold when our minds revivify the past in our present, translation — and poetry, for that matter — results in nothing but a reminder of the endless words that have not been written.

Poetic is the language that expresses the time of our inner-self, that intimate essence of our lives. In this first issue of Purple Ink, the poems we present are expressions of time as plurality of forms, images, feelings, thoughts, sounds and words.

Despite the different eras, places of origin, and languages of the eight poets whose original and translated work we publish in this issue, each poet was deeply concerned with time. Although their perceptions vary, they are all aware of time’s inescapable powers as the vehicle of death, the most fatal victim of war, the paradox of uncertainty, or the possibility of change.

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