Time Issue Cover: What’s it about?

The cover depicting the sculpture (40 cm length x 30 cm high) represents the theme of the very first issue of Purple Ink: Time. Why did we choose this sculpture?

Because its plurality of forms, materials and colors mirror the multitude of temporalities we present within the poems, our translations and comments. The base is made by pine wood, a sempiternal tree. Some pieces of iron have been inserted at the base with a hammer. There are also parts made by papier-mâché, which requires quite a long time before being soft enough to be modeled and finally colored. The yellow material on the wheel is dried glue. Each component of this sculpture requires a different amount of time to be shaped. This is the constellation of temporalities we were looking for. Time as a circle, or linear time, and time as disordered course of events or memories. Plurality, diversity, coexistence.


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