Sound Issue Cover: What’s It About?

Some artists wrap buildings in paper, others with sounds. Brian Eno (musician, composer, digital artist, and creator of the Microsoft sound for Windows 95) performed in July 2016 in Italy, in the city of Mantova, where this picture was taken. The performance presented a sound-installation named “The Ship,” projecting colorful lights on an historical palace. The lights alternated and moved within the music. In this way, Eno used sounds to transform the original shape and color of the ancient building. Through his experimental technique, Eno transformed the palace into something else: a garden of colorful melodies. This picture of Eno’s performance fits the topic of our third issue, in which we present sonic dimensions that modify the canon. It perfectly reflects our interests with the present issue in playing and experimenting with sounds. For instance, the homophonic translations and dialects that we present are two examples of differentiation from canonical and institutionalized systems of sounds. As Brian Eno did in his show, in our third issue we present poems that, in a variety of ways, evade a phonetic tradition and propose different resonances and rhythms.

Leonora Masini

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