Zoila Forss
Unpublished, 2020

Te descubro

Recurrente esfera dentro de otra
Una desde fuera
Ninguna desde dentro
Rodar es una elección
Romper su cielo otra
Recurrente es la corriente
y esférica

El cóncavo cielo de mi jardín
Lo allano cada día
La convexa almendra de mi ser
y se arropa

Desde que fue tu turno partir
oigo tu paso detrás de las nubes
Endurece la membrana
Mi cuerpo es un aerolito más
rondando el disco del sol
Tu señal lo traspasa todo

Has de tomar una pala
y yo un pico
El suelo del recuerdo se resiste
Impenetrable es la esfera
El cascado cascarón
nos revela el mapa
que ha de unir nuestros pasos

Bajo la membrana de la luna trago aire
dejo iracundo al vacío
engullo tu promesa
vomito la mía
Caigo al oscuro agujero de esa blanca luz
Mi sangre dicta la exégesis de tu alma
No hay papel que lo aguante todo
murmura el árbol
Ni descubridor que no rompa un huevo

I Discover You

Recurring sphere within another
One from outside
None from inside
Rolling is a choice
Tearing its sky is another
The current is recurring
and spherical

The concave sky of my garden
I flatten it every day
The convex kernel of my being
and wraps itself up

Since it was your turn to leave
I hear your step behind the clouds
It hardens the membrane
My body is one more aerolite
circling the disk of the sun
Your signal runs through it all

You shall take a shovel
and I a pick
The ground of memory resists
The sphere is impenetrable
The broken-down shell
reveals to us the map
that shall unite our steps

Beneath the moon’s membrane I swallow air
I leave the void enraged
I guzzle your promise down
I vomit mine
I fall into the dark hole of that white light
My blood dictates your soul’s exegesis
There’s no paper that can bear it all
murmurs the tree
Nor discoverer that does not break an egg
I reply

Zoila Forss was born in Lima, Peru, in 1969, and started writing poetry from an early age. She has lived in Finland since 2000, where she has worked as a poet, Finnish-Spanish literary translator, teacher, and nursing assistant in Tuusula, a job that gave her the inspiration to write a series of poems dedicated to former patients. Her first collection of poems was published in a bilingual edition in 2014 by publishing house Colmena. Part of her series of poems, “Mi esencia“ has been published in Revontuli, a collection of poems that began in 1994. Her second book, Arpón sin culpa, was published in a trilingual edition by Rosetta Versos in 2018, in Finland. Imagery has frequently been part of her creative process, and in 2012 began experimenting with video-poetry. In 2020, Colombian publishing house Sílaba Editores published Zoila’s Spanish translation of the poetry of Sami writer Inger-Mari Aikio. Zoila is currently working on a bilingual anthology of Finnish poetry.

“I Discover You” follows the search for a love who no longer remains. The forces of love are the very elements that constructed the world through which the poetic voices traverses with routine-like persistence, not merely to find its love lost, but to relive the very emotions that shape the memory of passion. 

Translation prepared by Kevin Ennis

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