Partner Scholar Program

Program Overview

Each year, Brown University School of Professional Studies joins with partner organizations across the country to bring the dream of higher education one step closer to reality for academically gifted middle and high school students who come from low income families. Our Partners help us identify such students and provide them with the support they need to achieve their goals.

Our partners include schools, foundations, and other youth development and mentoring organizations. These groups tend to be deeply involved with students who show academic promise, yet face financial challenges. Often, these organizations provide support to students throughout their pre-college careers, and are thus able to personally recommend students to us who they expect will succeed in our array of demanding pre-college courses.

All of the students who have come through our Partner Scholar Program apply to college and most have matriculated into and completed some type of higher education program. If you are an administrative member of an organization that might be interested in such a partnership, please write to us. Individuals seeking financial aid are not eligible for partnership funds, but may apply for a Dean's Scholarship for Pre-College programs. Students may not apply for both Partnership financial aid and the Dean's Scholarship.

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Partnerships for Academic Success

We believe that students who experience college level work, in the context of a supportive community develop the academic confidence and personal resiliency to succeed in higher education. Young people who have this confidence, access to role models, and knowledge of the college application process are more likely to complete college applications, be accepted and matriculate in postsecondary education. Students who participate in our summer programs are likely to see gains in all of these areas, thus increasing the probability of college success. We do this in the context of a diverse, stimulating environment that includes a broad spectrum of ideas, perspectives and experiences.

The Importance of Partners

Students in our programs gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to imagine themselves on a highly competitive college campus. We seek partners who can identify highly motivated students who will excel in Brown's Pre-College programs and who qualify for financial aid. Partners assist students with the application process, help complete forms and travel arrangements, answer questions from parents and serve as a bridge between parents and our staff. Partners also continue to support students when they return home, helping them integrate what they've learned into their long-term educational goals.

Scholarship Funding: A Commitment to Diversity

Most partners contribute one half of the program fees for accepted students. In addition, partners work with families, students and community members to provide transportation, funds for books, and spending money. Individuals and organizations may also support the Partnership Program with tax-deductible contributions.

Reflections on the Experience

Build Confidence
“Thinking about going to an Ivy League school was like thinking about life on other planets; interesting but seemingly impossible to achieve. Still, I know
that I have the grades to get into a top school, and I won't let my insecurities keep me from applying.”
-Brown first year, former Summer@Brown student, Richmond, CA

“This experience helped prepare me for the 'real world' and helped me to find my voice.”
-Student, Chicago, IL

Invest in Transformation
“…this has been a life changing opportunity and I sincerely hope you will continue to offer this to other students… In twenty years, you can sit back and
relax, while we take over the show. I can assure you, we're going to be a big deal, each and every one of us.”
-Student, El Cerrito, CA

Open a Student's Eyes to Possibilities
“Students gain so much from meeting people from all over the world who want to study and learn and who enjoy doing so. He came to believe that there is a
world full of such communities, extending far beyond College Hill, waiting to be discovered.”
-2009 Brown graduate and mentor to Providence, RI student

“The joy I felt from being on campus every day, going to class, spending hours at the library and participating in the activities was incomparable.”
-Student, Providence, RI

Engage Families
“…the impact of the experience goes beyond the scholar. Scholars return home with a renewed commitment to academics... Parents who at one time
expressed reservations about sending their child far away…come to college counseling meetings with an open mind and a willingness to support the
intellectual aspirations of the scholar.”
-Summer Programs Director, Schuler Scholar Program, Lake Forest, IL