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Audio help for Windows

t may be useful to print out these instructions and follow them from paper.

Two general steps are required. If you're in Brown's Language Lab, the first of these has already been done on all the computers and you can skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Download and Install the free QuickTime player and plug-in. This need be done only once. If you have ever done this on your machine, or if you are in Brown's Language Lab, skip to Step 2.

  1. Open Apple's QuickTime site.

  2. Give them your name and e-mail address, and select whether you'd like to get promotional mail.

  3. Indicate that you're using the Mac OS.

  4. Click the button .

  5. Click the installer that appears on your desktop.

  6. Restart the computer when prompted to do so at the end of installation.

  7. Open the QuickTime folder at the root node of your hard disk.

  8. While holding down the Option Key, drag and drop the QuickTime Plugin to the desktop. This will produce a copy of it there.

  9. Locate and open the Internet Explorer folder. Drag and drop the QuickTime Plugin from the desktop into the Plug-ins folder within.

  10. Relaunch the browser.

  11. Continue with Step 2.


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