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As part of Financial Services, the Loan Office assists students in meeting the cost of education and managing the repayment of educational loans. We help students make borrowing decisions, complete loan requirements, and understand the loan process. We are part of the Get Your Bearings Committee & help deliver financial literacy information to the Brown Community.

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Loan Office staff members are available to answer your loan questions. Contact us for help navigating the loan process, understanding your repayment options, or for help in bringing your loans current.


Email is an official form of University communication. The Loan Office frequently sends official and important message to students' Brown email accounts. It is important for students to activate their email and check it on a daily basis for important information. 

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Financial Literacy

 Our "Get Your Bearings" program is designed to help students better understand their finances. All students are encouraged to make use of our resources.

Get Your BearingsGet Your Bearings

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