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Service Award

Tina Trahan Receives Dean's Service Award

Tina Trahan Receives Dean's Service Award:

Tina Trahan, financial coordinator in the School of Engineering, has received the 2013-14 Dean’s Service Award. The award, established during the 2012-13 academic year, was created to recognize a non-managing employee who has made a specific contribution or provided outstanding service in the School of Engineering. 

Microchip reveals how tumor cells transition to invasion

A cellular obstacle course:
A microscopic obstacle course of carefully spaced pillars enables researchers to observe cancer cells directly as they break away from a tumor mass and move more rapidly across the microchip. The device could be useful for testing cancer drugs and further research on the mechanics of metastasis.

New Research from Center for the Capture and Conversion of CO2

Copper foam turns CO2 into useful chemicals

A foam of copper:
Scientists at Brown University’s Center for Capture and Conversion of CO2 have discovered that copper foam could provide a new way of converting excess CO2 into useful industrial chemicals, including formic acid.

Summer Research

Engineers Participate in 2014 Summer Research Symposium

Summer Research Symposium:

Nearly 200 undergraduates gathered in Sayles Hall on August 7 and 8 to present the results of their research at the annual Summer Research Symposium sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the College. More than 20 of the posters were from undergraduate researchers from the School of Engineering or were conducted under the guidance of engineering faculty members. Many of the projects are supported by Brown’s Karen T. Romer Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRAs).

Rosaskis '17 presents keynote lecture, accepts award

Alexandros Rosakis '17 and Team Receive Best Paper in Strain Award

Best Paper Award:

Alexandros Rosakis '17, a rising sophomore engineering student at Brown, was a co-author as a high school student intern on a paper that has just received a Journal Strain Best Paper Prize. Rosakis presented a keynote lecture based on the paper at the 16th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics (ICEM 16) in Cambridge, U.K. He then accepted the award on behalf of all the authors.

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