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Best Paper

Doctoral student Dimitra Papagiannopoulou Awarded Best Paper at SAMOS Conference

Dimitra Papagiannopoulou, a fifth year doctoral student in the electrical sciences and computer engineering group at the Brown University School of Engineering, has won the Stamatis Vassiliadis Best Paper Award at the 2014 International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architecture, MOdeling and Simulation (SAMOS XIV), held on Samos Island, Greece.

Johnson Lecture Oct. 6

Presidential Colloquium Series to tackle ‘big questions’ in science

Astrophysicist John A. Johnson:
Brown is introducing a Presidential Colloquium Series titled “Thinking Out Loud: Deciphering Mysteries of Our World and Beyond.” The series features renowned scientists giving accessible public talks on big-picture topics from the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe to the nature of human consciousness. Harvard astrophysicist John A. Johnson will deliver the inaugural lecture Monday, Oct. 6, 2014.

Brown Encapsulated

'Brown Encapsulated' - Student Design Workshop

This workshop will focus on design concepts and hands-on design, showcasing team-based, experiential learning.

The theme of the design challenge will be: Brown Encapsulated - students will be challenged with re-imagining a ‘time capsule’. What could be created to capture small representations of Brown culture and society now to revisit in the future?

Asst. Professor David Borton

Meet the New Faculty - David Borton

David Borton:
Understanding the neurological basis of movement could lead to implantable sensors that can relay the brain’s instructions to nerves and muscles across damaged spinal cords. David Borton is working toward such implantable “bridge” devices.

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