For Parents

Health Fee & Health Insurance

Because of the mandatory Health Fee, all actively-enrolled students may use Health Services as well as Counseling and Psychological Services, whether they have the Brown-sponsored health insurance plan or another plan. The student's health insurance comes into play for costs of tests, medications, vaccines, treatment, and outside referrals.

Students are automatically enrolled in the Brown Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) which is designed specifically to complement the services provided by Health Services and to provide coverage in the Providence area. When determining whether to waive the Brown Student Health Insurance Plan, please evaluate your existing plan carefully to verify that your plan provides adequate coverage in the Providence area. While it is logical to decide to save money by declining the SHIP and relying on a parent's plan or other existing plan, students may end up with costs for or restrictions on care in Rhode Island that were not evident in the beginning (e.g., many plans will not pay outside of your home area unless it is an emergency, which may result in you paying the full costs of tests or services). Additional information to consider in your insurance decision is available on the Student Health Insurance website.

University summer hours

Beginning May 27, 2014, many University administrative offices observe summer operational hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time.  Emergency services are available 24/7. Summer shuttle hours began May 27; check the Transportation website for shuttle hours and information.

Financial aid: Things to consider before arriving

Brown's Office of Financial Aid offers additional information for undergraduates and their families about understanding the expected student contribution; buying books; financing travel to and from Brown, and purchasing a computer. Financial Aid Counselors are available Monday through Friday to answer questions; check for hours and the Counselor Calendar. Start with the staff in the Financial Aid Office if you have questions about loans, scholarship, awards, expected student earnings, etc. The partner office of Student Employment also provides information about student earnings, campus jobs, required forms, etc.

Orientation information for new students

Information about new undergraduate student Orientation is available on the Orientation website. New undergraduates receive information, updates, and reminders by email; many of those weekly emails are also posted to the Orientation website under Preparing for Brown.  Information about orientation for new graduate students is available on the Graduate School website.

Fall Semester Start

Classes for fall semester begin on Wednesday, September 3, 2014. Opening Convocation for the 2014-15 year is Tuesday, September 2 at 4:00 p.m.

Residence halls open for returning undergraduates on Sunday, August 31, and for new undergraduates on Saturday, August 30 to begin Orientation that evening -- or as communicated to student participants of specific pre-Orientation programs (for example, international students move in Wednesday, August 27 for International Orientation).

Dowload a Year at a Glance document from the Important Dates page.

Academic advising information for students

You can read the advising announcements emailed to students throughout the year on the front page of ASK (Advising Sidekick), Also available on the public face of ASK are publications provided to students to orient them to the university -- such as Guide to Brown -- and to stimulate their thinking about their Brown education and instigate conversations with their academic advisors -- such as Brown's Liberal learning goals, Planning Your Liberal Education, and Planning Your Sophomore Year.

This site is a joint effort of the offices of Campus Life, the Dean of the College, and the Parent Program in Advancement.