Comments from Colleagues

“The search committee at Brown University has made a truly inspired choice for its 19th president, although it means that Princeton will lose one its most distinguished faculty members and effective academic administrators. At every stage of her 26 years at Princeton, Chris Paxson has left an indelible mark on this University. Chris has consistently shown the kind of good judgment and admirable leadership that makes her a natural choice as Brown’s president. As sad as I am to lose her as a colleague at Princeton, it will be a great pleasure to welcome her to the Council of Ivy Presidents.”

— Princeton President Shirley M. Tilghman

“Though Princeton, especially her economics colleagues, will be sorry to lose her, Chris Paxson is an inspired choice for Brown. You want a university president to have a clear vision of where the university should go and yet not be bull-headed about it, to be both a listener and a doer, to be your public voice and your private counsel. Brown is about to get all of that.”

— Alan S. Blinder,
Gordon S. Rentschler Memorial
Professor of Economics at Princeton University

“Brown has made a superb choice for the university’s next president.  Chris Paxson is an exceptionally talented leader — smart, warm, strategic, inclusive, focused and articulate.  She has done a great job as dean at the Woodrow Wilson School, and she is surely ready to step up to the challenges of the presidency.  She has all the right skills and instincts, and she will be ambitious for Brown in just the right ways.  A great match!”

— Nannerl O. Keohane,
Laurance S. Rockefeller Distinguished Visiting Professor
of Public Affairs and the University Center for Human Values

“Brown University has made an absolutely inspired choice in naming Christina Hull Paxson as its next President. Christina is a superb interdisciplinary scholar and proven leader whose work at Princeton always stood out by virtue of being both innovative and inclusive. I’m sure that Chris will bring these very same qualities to her presidency at Brown. We all admire and applaud the fact that Ruth Simmons leaves an extraordinary legacy at Brown. I have no doubt that the Christina Paxson era at Brown will be nothing short of exceptional.”

— Amy Gutmann
President, University of Pennsylvania