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Contested Illnesses Research Group
Brown University , Providence RI

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The Contested Illnesses Research Group is an interdisciplinary research team comprising faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students from Brown and other academic institutions and community advocacy organizations.

Directed by
Phil Brown
Brown University
Department of Sociology and Center for Environmental Studies

Graduate and Undergraduate Students
Dave Ciplet
Alissa Cordner
Tania Jenkins
Meghan Kallman
Mercedes Lyson
Margaret Mulcahy

Post Doctoral Fellow
Stephanie Malin

Bindu Panikkar

R. Tyson Smith

Elizabeth Hoover

Past Members and Continuing Collaborators
Rebecca Gasior Altman
Mara Averick
Alison Cohen
Sarah Fort
Margaret Frye
Leah Greenblum
Ellie Leonardsmith
Meadow Linder
Theodore Luebke
Joshua Mandelbaum
Brian Mayer
Sabrina McCormick
Rachel Morello-Frosch
Laura Senier
Ruth Simpson
Rebecca Tillson
Allison Waters
Stephen Zavestoski