Dr. Mark Suchman Wins 2013 CIS Teaching with Technology Showcase Award

Dr. Mark SuchmanThe Teaching With Technology Award Review committee for the Showcase Award recognizes the work of instructors who consistently use technology effectively and continue to adapt innovative methods of teaching in an ever changing learning environment. 

(Distributed April 3, 2014)

Dr. Carrie Spearin Awarded Exemplary Teaching Honor

The Undergraduate Council of Students committee, yearly, hosts the Teaching and Advising Awards at the Brown Faculty Club to honor and celebrate professors, advisors, and teaching assistants that have made a substantial impact in the lives of undergraduates.
Dr. Carrie Spearin, after a lengthy nomination process that included over one hundred heartfelt submissions from the undergraduate student body, has been chosen to receive an award to honor your exemplary teaching and mentoring at Brown.

(Distributed March 3, 2014)

Michael Rodriguez Awarded NSF Grant!

National Science FoundationNational Science FoundationCongratulations are in order to Michael Rodriguez, 5th year graduate student here in Sociology, who has been awarded an NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant!

Michael's dissertation examines the intersection of demographic futures, political imaginaries, and ethnoracial identities among U.S. national Latino civil rights organizations and spokespersons. 

Congratulations Michael!

(Distributed January 22, 2014)

Dr. J. Timmons Roberts Honored Frederick H. Buttel Award

International Sociological AssociationInternational Sociological AssociationCongratulations to Dr. J Timmons Roberts for being selected as recipient of the Frederick H. Buttel Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Environmental Sociology by the International Sociological Association's Research Committee on Environment and Society!

(Distributed January 13, 2014)

David Ciplet Wins "Best Paper Award"

Brown Sociology Doctoral student David Ciplet won the "Best Student Paper Award" at the Sociology of Development Conference held at the University of Utah, October 24-25.

(Distributed November 4, 2013)
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