Brown and Haiti

Stories about Brown’s involvement with Haiti, before and after the recent earthquake.

In the New England Journal of Medicine and Providence Journal, Brown physicians describe their work in Haiti.

The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Providence Journal examine Brown efforts to help save Haitian historical archives. profiles the work in Haiti of Cate Oswald ’04.

Novelist Edwidge Danticat MFA ’93, HD ’08 talks about the death of her cousin Maxo.

Rick Perera ’87 is Emergency Media Officer for CARE in Haiti, and blogging.

Campus community members gather for a vigil outside Manning Chapel.

The Wall Street Journal explores how life changed for Patrick Moynihan ’87, who runs a school in Haiti.

The article, "Watching from afar, a feeling of helplessness," by Max Clermont '11, appears on page eight of an earthquake edition of Boston Haitian Reporter.

The John Carter Brown Library mounts a temporary exhibit to honor Haiti.

Novelist Edwidge Danticat MFA ’93, HD ’08 tells NPR that she is concerned about her family in Haiti.

At the 25:43 mark of a public radio report, Professor Patrick Sylvain discusses Haitian history.

Medical student Will Perez worries about the public health program he established last year in southwestern Haiti. Follow the Pwoje Espwa blog and read more in Brown Medicine.

Timothy Flanigan, M.D., describes what will be needed to alleviate the suffering of earthquake victims and prevent fatalities in days to come.