Brown in Haiti

Brown community members currently or recently providing medical care in Haiti:

  • Born, Christopher
    Professor of Orthopedics
    International Medical Surgical Response Team
    Learn more: NPR |
  • Charles, Amos
    Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
    Returned 1/26/10
  • Morse, Michelle Morse
    Clinical Asst Prof of Emergency Medicine
    General Hospital in Port au Prince Jan 31-Feb 10
  • Shah, Sachita
    Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
    Partners in Health
  • Siegel, Cindy
    Nurse/Midwife in private practice
    Circle of Health
  • Sullivan, Stephen
    Assistant Professor of Surgery (Plastics)
    Partners in Health
    Returned 1/25/10
  • Taylor, Helena O.
    Assistant Professor of Surgery (Plastics)
    Partners in Health
    Returned 1/25/10

Other members of the Alpert Medical School Department of Orthopaedics who have contributed to humanitarian effort in Haiti include:

  • Roman Hayda
    Associate Professor
    Operated on the USNS Comfort for nearly two weeks, as Distinguished Visiting Scholar of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Keith Monchik
    Clinical Instructor in Orthopaedics
    Served at the Gheskio Field Hospital in Port-Au-Prince for nearly 2 weeks with the HHS/NDMS International Medical Surgical Response Team (IMSuRT)
  • Marc Tompkins
    Teaching Fellow in Orthopaedics
    Operated at a hospital in the Dominican Republic for a week through the Foundation for Orthopaedic Trauma
  • Peter G Trafton
    Professor of Orthopaedics
    Currently operating on the USNS Comfort through Project Hope

Dr. Tim Flanigan, Dr. Susan Cu-Uvin, Dr. Sybil Cineas, and Dr. Michael Koster recently returned from a short fact-finding trip to Haiti as well.