11/13/10: Brown hosts the 22nd annual conference of the Haitian Studies Association.

11/10/10: The John Carter Brown Library hosts the discussion, “Recording Revolution: Working with the Documents of Haiti's Revolutionary History.”

11/9/10: Brown hosts “Field Work: A Conversation on Sport and Development in Haiti.”

11/1/10: Dean Edward J. Wing, M.D. and other Brown medical educators visit Haiti.

11/1/10: What Haiti can use, by Dean Edward J. Wing, M.D.

10/4/10: Paul Farmer, M.D. presents “Rebuilding Haiti.”

10/3/10: Wyclef Jean is named visiting fellow in Africana studies.

9/23/10: Brown expands educational partnerships with Haiti.

9/9/10: Edwidge Danticat ’93 MFA pens a children’s book about the Haitian earthquake.

7/22/10: Dream Yard Academy presents an ACTION teach-in on Haitian history.

7/7/10: Brown holds campus-wide chat about its long-term academic medical education collaborations in Haiti.

6/29/10: Follow the work of Brown medical community members in Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake.

5/7/10: Former Haitian Prime Minister Michele Pierre-Louis presents, “The Quiet Power of United States Trade Relations with Haiti,”, as part of the 67th Annual Meeting of the Associates of the John Carter Brown Library.

4/8/10: Professor Anthony Bogues presents “Haiti may lead the way ” to the UN General Assembly.

3/21/10 Ted Widmer pens, “How Haiti Saved America” for the Boston Globe.

3/19/10 Open Source Radio produces “Whose Words These Are,” five interviews about Haiti.

3/12/10: WRNI chats with Brown students and film festival organizers Milan Satcher and Max Clermont.

3/1/10: Campus groups at Brown raise $25,000 for Haiti relief.

3/1/10: Patrick Moynihan ’87 discusses redoubling an educational commitment in Haiti.

2/23/10: In CNN Opinion, Patrick Sylvain, a Haitian language and culture instructor at Brown University, coauthors “From slavery to Sarkozy in Haiti.”

2/17/10: Pamela Bogart ’91 establishes a “Learn Haitian Kreyol” blog.

2/20/10: “Framing Haiti: A Brown University Teach-In,” Feb. 19, examined Haiti’s art and literature, history and culture, and the catastrophic earthquake and subsequent medical crisis.

2/3/10: The Brown Daily Herald publishes photos from Stephen Sullivan, assistant professor of surgery, who returned from providing medical care in Haiti.

2/1/10: WBRU raises funds for Haiti from the Brown Daily Herald

2/1/10: Open mic raises thousands for Haiti from the Brown Daily Herald

1/31/10: Dispatches from the Brown Community. First hand reports from Haiti in Today at Brown.

1/28/10: Brown’s Choices Program develops The Haitian Crisis: Thinking Historically. A new lesson about thinking beyond the earthquake, and considering Haiti’s rich history and the global role in long term reconstruction. Registration required.

1/28/10: Vigil: Voicing compassion for Haiti.

1/28/10: Brown Faculty Sources on the Ongoing Crisis in Haiti.

Today at Brown dispatches

Week of 1/24/10: Dispatches from the Brown Community. First hand reports from Haiti in Today at Brown.

1/21/10: The John Carter Brown Library offers temporary residency to Patrick Tardieu, eminent Haitian librarian.

1/19/10: University forms Brown Haiti Crisis Response Committee

Week of 1/17/10: Dispatches from the Brown Community. First hand reports from Haiti in Today at Brown.

1/14/10: Hope for the injured in Haiti.

1/14/10: Statement by President Simmons