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Peti & Page (2013) Molecular Basis of MAPK Regulation Protein Science, in press.

Peti & Page (2013): Enzyme Mechanisms: What's up Doc?, Nature Chemical Biol, in press.

Francis, DM et al. (2013) The differential regulation of p38 by the neuronal kinase interaction motif PTPs, a detailed molecular studyStructure, 9:1612-1623.

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Wang, Lord et al. (2012) A new type V toxin-antitoxin system where mRNA for toxin GhoT is cleaved by antitoxin GhoS. Nature Chem Biol 8:855-861.

Grigoriu, et al. (2013) The molecular mechanism of substrate engagement and immunosuppresent inhibitionof calcineurin. Plos Biol. 11: e1001492.

Francis, DM, Rozycki, B, Koveal, D, Hummer, G, Page, R, Peti, W (2011) Structural basis of p38α regulation by hematopoietic tyrosine phosphataseNature Chem Biol 7:916-924.

Ragusa, MJ et al. (2010). Spinophilin directs protein phosphatase 1 specificity by blocking substrate binding sites. Nature Struct Mol Biol 17:459-464.

Brown, BL, Grigoriu, S, Kim, Y, Arruda, JM, Davenport, A, Wood, TK, Peti, W, Page, R (2009) Three dimensional structure of the MqsR:MqsA complex: a novel TA pair comprised of a toxin homologous to RelE and an antitoxin with unique properties. PLoS Pathogens 5:12. e1000706.