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Dean of the Faculty

The dean of the faculty is a senior member of the University’s academic administration and is directly responsible for the recruitment, retention and development of University faculty, working closely with the dean of medicine and biological sciences, who has those responsibilities within the Division of Biology and Medicine.

Visit the Dean of the Faculty's web site when you need:

  • Policies and procedures relating to faculty
  • Information about the faculty development fund
  • Tools and resources for faculty
  • Information about faculty hiring and tenure process (TPAC)
  • Forms for faculty actions including leaves
  • CV update guidelines

Visit the Dean of the Faculty site now...

Dean of the Faculty Main Number: 401-863-2313

At your service...

The office of the Dean of the Faculty works directly with all academic units to help with financial and faculty personnel inquiries. Please contact the following individuals if you have questions:

Nancy Congdon, Finance & Administration- Phone ext. 3-2291
Jim Downing, Finance & Administration- Phone ext. 3-3565
Sarah Peri, Finance & Administration- Phone ext. 3-1072
Jessica Smith, Faculty Personnel- Phone ext. 3-2312
Janet Hudak, Faculty Personnel- Phone ext. 3-3270