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Department Administrator's Listserv

The listserv was set up by the Dean of the Faculty's office as a tool to facilitate the exchange of information and best practices between academic department administrators across campus.

Click here to send an email to the listserv:

More information:

What is a listserv?

The word "listserv" is often used as a generic term for any email-based mailing list application. If you send an email to a listserv, it gets distributed to all individuals who subscribe to that listserv. If you are on the listserv, and reply to an email that is sent to the listserv, your reply goes to everyone on the listserv as well. When one sends an email or reply to the listserv, the sender does not receive a list of those individuals receiving the email.

Who can use the listserv?

Only academic department managers have access to this listserv.

How do I use the listserv?

To use the listserv, you should open your email application, type in the "To" field, and then add your subject and body text. As soon as you click on the send button, your email will be distributed to all subscribers of the listserv.

How do I reply?

To reply to the person who sent out the message, hit 'reply'. If you are sharing information that might be helpful to everyone in the group, please use 'reply all'.

How can I find previous messages to the listserv?

To see the archive of all of the messages sent to the list:

  1. Visit
  2. You will see a long list of the Listservs available at Brown.  
  3. Choose the list DEPT-MANAGERS-L. 
  4. Log in and you will see a list of the list archives. 
  5. Click a month for a list of the messages that occurred during that period. 
  6. Click the message to view.