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Department Templates

Your colleagues are the best resources on campus. Both new and experienced Academic Department Administrators have spent significant time creating tools and templates to be used to make their departments run effectively and efficiently. Each of the tools below has a brief description of how it is used in the specific department. Choose the tools or templates that look helpful and then adapt them to your specific needs. Please feel free to contribute your successful ideas to this page..

  • New Employee Handbook
    Used by staff members in Physics department to acclimate new employees to the department. Complements of Bev Travers.
  • Event Planning Worksheet
    This sheet is used by the Center for Staff Learning & Professional Development to coordinate the efforts of the team when planning learning events. It could easily be adapted to any departmental event. Creator heather Emerick.
  • Web page for Newcomers
    Here is an example of a special web page designed by Computer Science for all department newcomers to help them get acclimated and learn the ropes of the department. You might adapt this to add to your own web site. Thanks for sharing, Jane McIlmail.